Announcing the $4600+ SC2I Winter Series

We are very excited to bring you guys a new tournament - the SC2Improve Winter Series. Every Monday at 4pm CET for the next 8 weeks we will be bringing you guys a $200 four-player invitational group with some of the best players around!

The starting matches & losers match will be Bo3, with the winners match & decider match being Bo5. The winner of the group will receive $150 and second place will receive $50 and both players will qualify to the main event - a $3000+ 16 player tournament. The format of the 16 player stage is TBA.

Week 1 - Monday, Jan 05 3:00pm GMT (GMT+00:00)
Players : TBA
Week 2 - Monday, Jan 12 3:00pm GMT (GMT+00:00)
Week 3 - Monday, Jan 19 3:00pm GMT (GMT+00:00)
Week 4 - Monday, Jan 26 3:00pm GMT (GMT+00:00)
Week 5 - Monday, Feb 02 3:00pm GMT (GMT+00:00)
Week 6 - Monday, Feb 09 3:00pm GMT (GMT+00:00)
Week 7 - Monday, Feb 16 3:00pm GMT (GMT+00:00)
Week 8 - Monday, Feb 23 3:00pm GMT (GMT+00:00)

The tournament will begin this coming Monday, January 5th, and we will be announcing the four players very shortly, so sit tight and get excited! All the action will be streamed on the SC2Improve Stream :