about WardiTV

WardiTV was founded in late 2016 by Jonathon 'Wardi' Ward as the official re-brand of SC2Improve. Having ran SC2Improve from late in 2011 finding a passion for running StarCraft 2 tournaments and casting, Wardi grew a small community of practice partners into a recognized name in the StarCraft 2 scene, most notably running the SC2Improve Team League.

Wardi went full time in StarCraft 2 content production in 2015 and after a year it became evident that SC2Improve as a name and brand no longer truly represented what the organisation was achieving. With the move to WardiTV the goal was to refocus efforts and to produce high level & high quality StarCraft 2 content and events. As Wardi had been the lone caster and face for SC2Improve over the years it made sense to take on a name that would be recognized in the community, hence WardiTV was born.

The aim of WardiTV is to build on top of what is already a regular and high level foundation of StarCraft 2 content. WardiTV also aims to act as a way to help people find their way into the world of Esports by offering content creating opportunities. At the time of writing WardiTV is not only led by Wardi, but is helped by a team of two others who have been passionate towards the project : Lynne 'Mjolkie' van Vuuren and Mart 'Thalandros' Siemerink. Together they will conquer the world- wait no, that's not what we're writing here.

about wardi

Wardi casting at the Asian Indoor & Martial Arts Games in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan.

Wardi casting at the Asian Indoor & Martial Arts Games in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan.

Hey! I'm Jonathon 'Wardi' Ward, owner of WardiTV. I work full time on WardiTV and primarily StarCraft 2, streaming on a regular daily basis as well as producing other StarCraft focused content. I also run a lot of tournaments and events under the WardiTV brand, perhaps most notably the WardiTV Team League. Most of my streaming revolves around commentating tournaments and other matches.

I've been a fan of StarCraft 2 since 2011. I found the game when my World of WarCraft guild mates suggested I get it to play arcade games with them, but I actually got hooked on the multiplayer and competitive aspect of the game. Soon after I found out about esports in time for the big rise of major offline events and tournaments and I was truly hooked. I remember staying up all night a few times at University to watch NASL and MLG finals.

I was eager to improve at the game and so I slowly made a group of friends. This eventually turned into a practice group called SC2Improve, which actually had a really awesome little community around it. Because of the community I thought it would be fun to run some small tournaments and everything sort of just went from there! It's been quite the journey, up until the point where I graduated from University in 2015 with a Masters in Physics and decided to take the dive full time into esports.

Since then I have continued to grow myself and the WardiTV brand. I've had the amazing opportunity to cast some amazing major StarCraft 2 tournaments, my first premier event being IEM Shanghai 2017. I love travelling to as many events as possible, while juggling my streaming work, and meeting others that are as passionate about StarCraft 2 as I am!