Welcome to warditv team league season 8!

The WardiTV Team League is a long running team league, formerly known as the SC2Improve Team League, that was first created in late 2012. Entering our 8th season we are looking to revitalize the competition following what we felt was a very weak Season 7. We want to reinvent the league - taking what didn't work from Season 7 and get rid of it while bringing more of what viewers, players and teams loved.

WardiTV Team League Season 8 will be split into two divisions: our title competition being the main event for ten of the best teams in StarCraft 2 as well as the WardiTV Team League S8 Open which will be home to all other teams wishing to compete. Both divisions will run a separate format to what we have ran in the past, staying true to the idea of removing what didn't work and doing more of what does.

Our goal is to provide a high quality team league from all angles. This is the first season where we have a dedicated team working on the team league, from producing content through to ensuring the league runs smoothly. We want players and teams of any skill level to be able to participate in a friendly and competitive environment which promotes bring people in StarCraft 2 to learn together and enjoy the greatest game in the word.

Registration for Season 8 is open today. Further information on rules, dates and format can be found on the information page.


Our new format: a quick rundown

For Season 8 we are making many changes to the format  of the WardiTV Team League and we wanted to bring you a quick rundown of how the new season is going to look and what you can look forward to. The season will be split into a pre-season, main season and post-season.

In the pre-season, teams will be able to qualify for the event (for the WTL S8 Open, there is no pre-season). To make up the ten teams we will have four invited teams from the previous season, four teams advancing through qualifiers and two more teams invited after the qualifiers have concluded.

The main section of the season is split into two rounds. In Round 1 teams will be split into two round robin groups of five, where each team will play each other team in their group in a BO7 all-kill match. Top three teams of each group will advance to Round 2, with the bottom two teams of each group being eliminated. Round 2 will see the remaining six teams in a single round-robin group playing each other team in a BO5 proleague format match. Top four teams advance to the playoffs, with the bottom two teams being eliminated.

Post-season is about playoffs and keeping your slot in the league for Season 9. The top four teams are seeded into the playoffs based on their performances in Round 2 and will play in a gauntlet style set of matches : 4th vs 3rd, winner vs 2nd and winner vs 1st in the Grand Finals. These top four teams are guaranteed a space in Season 9. Two more spaces for Season 9 will be allocated to teams who finished 5th-8th in Season 8, as they play through their own bracket to determine who grabs the spaces. Any teams who fail to qualify for Season 9 in these 6 slots will have to attend open qualifiers in the pre-season of Season 9.