Support WardiTV

WardiTV is able to exist because of the generous support of our viewers and fans and however you choose to support is greatly appreciated. We aim to thank you as best you can for your support by continuing to produce high quality StarCraft 2 content, but also with additional bonuses and benefits for those who support us beyond tuning in to the content and streams.

If you cannot afford to support us further, do not worry! It is completely optional and please only support with what you can afford to. If you would like to help further but cannot afford to subscribe on Twitch or to become a Patreon, never forget that actions such as just watching, liking and sharing is a very powerful way you can hep us to promote and improve our content.

Below are a few of the ways in which you can support WardiTV further if you would like to, including information about the benefits you get from supporting us in these different ways!

subscribe on twitch

Subscribing on TwitchTV is one of the easiest and most common ways to further your support for WardiTV! With a variety of subscriptions plans ($5/$10/$25 per month) a Twitch sub can be for one month or as many as you like, with a very simple cancelling process in case you need to cancel at any time. Benefits include regular replay packs of games we cast, access to our subscriber only tournaments, subscriber only channel on Discord, priority in viewer games and more (including use all of the Wardi emotes on TwitchTV!) wardiHype wardiLove

donations & cheering

Donations are a simple one time only contribution to WardiTV and can be sent through PayPal or by card. Donations show up on stream (which is where we will show our thanks & gratitude!) and contribute towards what is usually a donation goal running on the stream as well.

Cheering is a form of donating done through TwitchTV where you purchase bits which you can then “cheer” in the chat to donate. Every 100 bits cheered is valued as $1 to us!


support on patreon

 Patreon is a way for you to support with however much you are willing to give on a regular monthly basis (a great choice if you want to support regularly but do not consume our content on Twitch!). Depending on your contribution there are multiple rewards available, which can be redeemed on the Patreon page, ranging from coaching to getting your replays casted. We are always open for fun and friendly ideas of what you would like to see as a reward for becoming a Patron! We will also be integrating Patreon contributions into the stream as well as on Discord to further your benefits.