WardiTV - producing high quality Esports content.

WardiTV was founded in late 2016 as the official rebrand of SC2Improve. SC2Improve was an organisation from 2011-2016 which started as a small StarCraft 2 community, but grew to start producing high level events, most notably the SC2Improve Team League.

The aim of WardiTV is to build on top of what is already a regular and high level foundation of StarCraft 2 content, while also branching out into other Esports titles with additional video & written content. WardiTV also aims to act as a way to help people find their way into the world of Esports by offering content creating opportunities.

WardiTV is owned by Jonathon 'Wardí' Ward, a full time StarCraft 2 streamer, caster and content producer, and the original founder of SC2Improve. Wardí got involved with StarCraft 2 in 2011 and while studying Physics at University built up the SC2Improve brand, before going full time after completing his Masters degree.