SC2Improve Practice Night - What is it?

When I first started SC2Improve there was one major theme which we ran on - being a place where people could come to talk to others, find practice partners, give or receive advice and generally improve in a good atmosphere. There is no doubt that in the past two years SC2Improve has come a long way - we have changed a lot and we run many different things.

It is this motif and atmosphere which we want to bring back a little bit more to SC2Improve. While the in-game group chat mainly revolves around this still we thought it would be good to make an official event for people to get together and play games.

Honestly, I really don't know how interested people are going to be in this - or how successful it will be. I'm hoping a mixture of players will come together and be able to form some groups to watch games and play games within. There should be some Master League players around too to help dishing out the advice. If anyone has any specific ideas they would maybe like to see, feel free to send them to

We will be putting on a Teamspeak server which people will be able to join for the evening (as well as any other time they like throughout the week). We'll set up any channels people want so that there is plenty of space to go into with partners and be undisturbed. We ask that people make sure to set up their microphones to push-to-talk or to a reasonable voice-activation level, to keep the Teamspeak a pleasant place for everybody. If there is a lot of interest we will increase the server capacity.

General idea is people will just accumulate in the group and go from there! Again, it's mostly just to bring everyone in at the same time. To find the SC2Improve group you can click 'Find' on the Groups menu and either search SC2Improve or scroll through the featured list. The official time for the 'Practice night' is 1900-2200 CET - so everyone is free to come and go and see what it is like during this time - and we of course probably expect a bunch of people to continue playing for a short while after.

TL;DR - join the SC2Improve Group Chat / Teamspeak ; find people to play games with / watch games with / discuss games with ; get advice from others / watch through replays with other people. Will it be a success? Who knows, let's see!

Jonathon WardComment