SC2Improve Winter League Qualifier #5 Recap

Qualifier #5 of the SC2Improve Winter League 2013-2014 took place on Monday 3rd February, leaving us with only a single qualifier left to play out. The points race continues to tighten as there are only 13 points between 7th and 15th place - a lot of players needing a good performance in Qualifier #6 to secure their place in the RO16 through the points system. You can see the full points standings here.

One player who is now sitting at the top of the points after Qualifier #5 is runner-up Sjaak. His game vs Revenge in the RO32 is this week's Game Of The Week - a great PvT on Polar Night where continued aggression from the Terran is deflected time after time by our Protoss player. This was the start of a really tough bracket for Sjaak as he then took down Vines, HaNfy and ToXiC without dropping a map to make it into the finals, where he came up against Arthur.

Arthur proved to be just too good for Sjaak on this day. Despite looking behind in both games, very small mistakes by Sjaak were capitalized on massively by Arthur which resulted in two games which ended around the ten minute mark. Arthur came out 2-0 and won the Qualifier without dropping a single map, taking down Giant, ReiToR and Levi on his way to the finals. Arthur is the second Protoss player to qualify to the RO16 of the SC2Improve Winter League - though more look likely to join him as the top 3 on points are way ahead of the rest of the table (Adonminus, Pink and Sjaak.)

The real question going into Qualifier #6 is, are we going to get more than two Terran players? Qualifier #6 takes place on Tuesday 11th February and sign-ups are open now :