February Stream Subscriber Tournament!

February has been a busy month with a lot of different tournaments being broadcast on the stream. Just before the month is over however there is going to be time to squeeze in a tournament for everyone who has been supporting the stream recently! The tournament will take place on February 29th, from 7pm CET. Check-ins will be open between 6.30pm CET and 7pm CET.

It's always great to see everyone who is supporting the stream come together in-game and compete with each other. We've already had some fun this month with some Free-For-Alls when wee have had some downtime (something we will expand on without FFA Tournament once we hit the 75 sub-goal.)

You can sign-up to February's subscribe tournament here.

To be eligible to play one of the following must apply to you :

  • Current subscriber to the stream (http://twitch.tv/wardiii).
  • Current Patron of $5+ on Patreon (http://www.patreon.com/Wardi).
  • Donated $5+ during January/February.

All players will be checked for eligibility.


  •  Moobot has ~9000 WardiPoints
  • If you already own an SC2I Pin Badge we can replace it with $5 instead.

1st - $5 + SC2I Pin Badge + 25% of Moobots Wardi points
2nd - SC2I Pin Badge + 10% of Moobots Wardi Points
3rd/4th - 10% of Moobots Wardi Points
5th-8th - 5% of Moobots Wardi Points
All other finishers : 100 Wardi Points!

If you have any questions don't hesitate to get in touch!


Jonathon WardComment