Community Maps to be used in UK & Ireland Spring Event

Spring, first event of the year in the UK & Ireland 2016 Series, starts in this upcoming week. The event will run over multiple weeks with over fifty players signed up from the UK & Ireland. We have decided to support the community map making scene by using a map pool which is a mix of the ladder maps and maps picked from community submissions.

Over twenty maps were submitted to us and in the end we were able to narrow it down to three that we will use in the upcoming event. Hopefully they will help to bring us many great games over the next few weeks! Check out the maps and a short preview below.


Ganymede by Kantuva

Ganymede takes a similar base layout of the popular map Polar Night. The map has multiple different pathways through the center of the map allowing for counter attacks and puts emphasis on map control and army positioning with the multiple switches between high and low ground. This is the sort of map where you expect to see pressure throughout on the third and fourth bases, while both players commit into further bases themselves.








Para Bellum by 

Para Bellum by Ferisii

Para Bellum has to be one of my favorite maps in terms of aesthetic design - who ever thought we would see StarCraft 2 played out on a farm? This map is fairly large and allows fairly easy access to multiple bases as long as you can spread out your defenses. The middle of the map is why we liked it so much - there are a lot of different ways to attack across the map and these can be altered by the rock towers as well, which we are sure will be an important factor in the games.






Solaris Temple by Meavis

Our final map is one which plays out in a very interesting way. Map control is easy to obtain with the two watch towers and control of these will be very important. Most bases on this map feel easy to take but also easy to attack into if you can work yourself into the right position.

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