Natural Expansion returns for 2017, Lycan joins as host.

Natural Expansion, the SC2 talk show which had only two episodes when started in the summer of 2016 by Wardi, will return for 2017. The show is designed to give people a way to stay up to date and connected with the StarCraft 2 scene, in an easily digested format. With the lack of current SC2 talk shows this is hoping to fill the gap once filled by shows such as The Late Game, Remax or even older classics such as State of the Game.

The two episodes aired in 2016 saw a great response from viewers, with a lot of important feedback coming through as well. WardiTV has picked up the show and will be looking to iron out the show and bring a high quality product for you all to enjoy. The goal is to produce the show once every two weeks (second and fourth Tuesday of each month), but may move around slightly to accommodate for StarCraft 2 events. The first episode will be broadcast live on January 10th at 2pm PST / 5pm EST / 11pm CET.

We are also excited to announce a second host joining Wardí for this new version of Natural Expansion in 2017 : Lycan! When we reached out looking for a co-host of the show we were extremely excited to hear back from Lycan, a person who carved his presence in the StarCraft 2 scene with his own talk show The Late Game. With the addition of Lycan to the show we really hope we can bring a high quality show for you all to enjoy.

Don't forget to drop in for the first episode live on Twitch on January 10th at 2pm PST / 5pm EST / 11pm CET, or to catch the VOD on YouTube or MP3 on SoundCloud / iTunes.

Jonathon WardComment