SC2Improve Expands to NA!

SC2Improve is almost two years old. It's been a long journey with many ups and downs - but today we are extremely happy to be taking a large step forward in the life of SC2Improve. Frequently we are asked why we only do EU events and in the past the answer has been that going any further is just not feasible when there was only one person behind it all - but now with new connections we feel it is finally plausible to expand.

And so we are very happy to announce that on Thursday, October 10th at 2000 EST we will go live with the first SC2Improve NA Weekly featuring a $10 Prize! This is a huge step forward for us and we hope it is something which pleases a lot of people who were unable to play in our EU events. In Europe we have already held over 50 weekly events as well as three larger tournaments/leagues: SC2Improve Summer League 2012, 2013 and SC2Improve Winter League.

We hope that this is going to be a solid foundation from which to build the SC2Improve Community on the NA server and to hopefully in the future bring larger events to NA as well, such as the Summer League we have ran in EU.

You can sign-up for the first NA Weekly right now here :

We hope to see a lot of you getting involved on Thursday and we would also love to hear anyfeedback you guys may have for us! 

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Gl and hf!