SC2I Summer League 2013 Bracket Prediction Contest!

Last year for the Summer League we held a bracket prediction competition and it turned out to be quite popular - so we thought why not do the same again this year?! So that's exactly what we are doing! We will put £10 towards the person who can predict most accurately the full bracket of the SL from the RO8 and on.


- Must title your prediction as In-GameName.CharacterCode on EU e.g. 'Wardí.142' so that you can be contacted if you win.

- Participants who do not title their prediction properly and do not get in touch if they win will not receive their prize and it will be raffled on to someone else.

- Only one person will win the prize. If multiple people predict the correct bracket / are tied with the most correct picks the winner will be randomized.

- Winner receives £10 via Paypal. If you do not have Paypal you will forfeit your prize.


Good luck all and happy predicting! - Our Amazing Sponsors! - Our Amazing Sponsors!