SC2ITL America RO4 : IvD Gaming vs Solaris Gaming

Start Time : 9pm EST - Stream :

After an extended period of time we are finally going to see the beginning of the end of SC2I Team League America Season One! Only four teams remain - ROOT play No Dice Gaming in the upper semi-final while IvD Gaming play Solaris Gaming in the other. The first of these matches - IvD Gaming vs Solaris Gaming - is played tonight at 9pm EST and will see one team advance to the finals of the tournament.

In the group stages of the tournament IvD looked untouchable - dropping only 7 maps in the entire season. There have been major movements in the team however which has seen them lose both of their Korean players, Apocalypse and Gamja, alongside some of their other top American talent. These changes could give Solaris a better chance compared to the first time these teams met in the tournament which saw Solaris lose 0-4.

The roster from Solaris is as strong as ever. Cham and JonSnow have shown great results through the season and with back-up from Virium, Trace and Sonic they have a great opportunity to advance to the finals here. My personal prediction is for a Solaris victory - but I think it's going to come down to the ace match!

Jonathon WardSC2ITLComment