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SC2ITL Week 5 Broadcast Schedule

Tuesday 8th March

7pm CET - True eSports vs Team RedBloods
9pm CET - PSISTORM Gaming vs Romandy Gaming

Wednesday 9th March

7pm CET - Team Liquid vs EURONICS Gaming
9pm CET - Karnage eSports vs Nuit Blanche

Thursday 10th March

7pm CET - mYinsanity vs Invasion eSport
9pm CET - ROOT Gaming vs AT Gaming-aAa

Saturday 12th March

4pm CET - #OnFire vs Team MiA
8pm CET  - Millenium vs Flipsid3 Tactics

To Be Announced

isIMBA vs ECVisualize
PSISTORM Gaming vs Team Gravity

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SC2ITL Qualifiers - Day 1 Preview

Tomorrow - Friday 8th - will mark the official start of the SC2Improve Team League Season 6 as we kick off the first of four days of qualifier action. Each day will see one team advancing to the First Division for the upcoming season which is set to start on January 25th. You can see a full list of the teams competing on each day on our qualifier announcement post.

The first five teams to go up against each other are a mix of old and new teams to the SC2ITL - Karnage eSports, we are IMBA people, Ancien Regime, Team SC2Improve-FM eSports and Inferi eSports Club.

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SC2ITL S6 First Division Qualifiers

The beginning of SC2Improve Team League Season 6 is fast approaching - which means it is time to determine which of the 18 teams registered for the First Division Qualifiers will be joining us in the top division for the upcoming season. The main goal for Season 6 in the Team League is to really create a story line and to bring you guys as much high level content as we can. It was with this in mind that we changed the usual qualifier format to something slightly different for this season.

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More teams announced for SC2ITL S6

Sign-ups for the SC2I Team League Season 6 have been open for a few weeks now and so we wanted to share some more of the teams that have signed up to take part in the First Division. Remember registration closes on January 1st, so time is running out if you want your team to take part in what promises to be another amazing season of the SC2I Team League. Remember to let us know what you think of the current line-up of teams and also which other teams you would like to see joining the First Division!

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