SC2ITL Qualifiers - Day 1 Preview

Tomorrow - Friday 8th - will mark the official start of the SC2Improve Team League Season 6 as we kick off the first of four days of qualifier action. Each day will see one team advancing to the First Division for the upcoming season which is set to start on January 25th. You can see a full list of the teams competing on each day on our qualifier announcement post.

The first five teams to go up against each other are a mix of old and new teams to the SC2ITL - Karnage eSports, we are IMBA people, Ancien Regime, Team SC2Improve-FM eSports and Inferi eSports Club.

Make sure to catch all of the action live on the stream from 6pm CET, January 8th.

 Karnage eSports have played in every season of the SC2ITL, making the Playoffs in Season 3 and ending up with a third place finish. They have always been a First Division team, but their performance in Season 4 was under-par due to multiple matches being lost in the ace match. Ace player Namshar is a popular player to look out for, but they also have some strong new pick-ups for this season such as Prebs.

 isIMBA have also played a few seasons of the team league as strong Second Division contenders. Their line-up is looking stronger than ever with players who have had experience in WCS Premier & Challenger league such as DmC, Krr and LiveZerg.

Past Karnage and isIMBA, the favored teams to make it out of this group, we have another long-time SC2ITL team in Team SC2Improve-FM eSports. This alliance of UK based teams brings some of the best UK talent together to compete in the team league. Again TSI-FM are generally a Second Division team, but had a strong performance in Season 4.

Ancien Regime are the new team to the SC2ITL, but with a strong back bone of Grandmaster level players they will definitely have a chance to make a splash. Are they going to be able to create the first underdog story of SC2ITL Season 6? Let's see!

Finally we come to another SC2ITL regular as we have Inferi eSports Club to complete the first day of competition. Back for their fourth season of the SC2ITL the Spanish team will look to see how far the will be able to claw through the qualifier.

Karnage and isIMBA are definitely the favorites to come out of this group - but in BO7 all-kill and a relatively new expansion anything is going to be possible. The first day of qualifier action is bound to be great so make sure you don't miss any of it as we kick it off from 6pm CET over on the stream.