Final SC2ITL S6 Invites

After a week full of qualifiers the SC2I Team League S6 will kick off properly in just over a week, from January 25th. With over 80 sign-ups over all three divisions of play this is going to be the largest season of the SC2I Team League ever and we can't wait to get it started! First however, we have to announce the final invites for the league! We hope all the teams you expected to see are here!


Millenium will be taking part in their first season of the SC2I Team League with Season 6. This French team has been around for a long time and have always been relevant in the SC2 scene. Their recent signing of ShoWTimE has strengthened their already powerful foreigner line-up which is home to MarineLorD, Lilbow and Dayshi, who are often considered some of the strongest foreigners. Will they conquer all in their first season?


Invasion eSports return for their second season of the SC2ITL after a disappointing forfeit from the league during Season 4. Back then the team was heavily Korean focused, with players such as GuMiho, KeeN and DRG. Nowadays their line-up is made up solely of foreigners and you should expect the #yearofharstem to be quoted a lot during their matches. German Zerg player Lambo will also be a key part to their success in the upcoming season.


Apocalypse eSports are as fresh a team as you are going to get. With their official launch announcement made just yesterday they have arrived just in time for Season 6. The team is ran by former leaders of Brawl eSports / Endurance eSports, who wiped the floor with the competition in the second divsion during SC2ITL Season 4. With some key players from Endurance back on board and new heavy hitters such as Welmu and MajOr, we are all expecting a strong performance in their matches.


Redbloods are back to prove themselves once again. Since their first season of the SC2ITL in season 3 Redbloods have only ever impressed. Back then they topped their group (which included StarTale) in impressive fashion, qualifying for the playoffs. They also qualified for the playoffs in Season 4 when they edged out mYinsanity by +1 map score following a shocking result in the final match. However the playoffs were never kind to them as they fell both times in the quarter-finals. Let's hope they bring another outstanding performance for Season 6, because they are going to need it!