Groups announced for SC2ITL S6

Now we know all the teams that are playing in Season 6 of the SC2I Team League it is time to see who will face off against each other during the group stages! The group stages of the team league are always very interesting as in the past we have seen many upsets and underdogs going beyond expectations. Full groups for all Divisions can be found on the SC2ITL S6 Liquipedia as well as the order of matches for the First Division.

Credit to for the group images.

Credit to for the group images.

Group A is headed by Team Liquid, reigning SC2ITL First Division champions, and Millenium. These two teams have some of the strongest foreigner line-ups in the SC2 scene. The rest of the group will see some teams new to the SC2ITL, such as Apocalypse eSports and Flipsid3 Tactics, who also have strong line-ups which can go a long way.

You have to keep in mind that True eSport also have a refreshed line-up from previous seasons and are one of the few teams with Korean players in their roster - so don't count them out! We also have the underdogs who performed in the last season as well in Group A as Redbloods and ECVisualize will look to surprise once again and make a run for the Playoffs.

Acer, mYinsanity and ROOT Gaming will be the names you immediately pick up on in Group B - but will they all perform as expected? Last season both mYinsanity and ROOT missed the playoffs when they were expected to advance and so they will have to be on top of their game to ensure no mistakes are made this time around.

Other strong contestants will be aAaT - or AT Gaming-aAa. With ace player uThermal and the strongest backing line-up ever, the Season 2 champions are expected to make another deep run as they are still the only team to have finished in the Top 8 in every SC2ITL Season. Invasion eSport will also look to impress after a disappointing Season 4, but will have some fierce competition from the likes of two time SC2ITL runners-up Cascade or newcomers PSISTORM Gaming.

Finally we have to mention Season 5 Second Division champions Romandy Gaming - after a very impressive run in the qualifiers everyone will be watching out to see far they can go in the main event.