More teams announced for SC2ITL S6

Sign-ups for the SC2I Team League Season 6 have been open for a few weeks now and so we wanted to share some more of the teams that have signed up to take part in the First Division. Remember registration closes on January 1st, so time is running out if you want your team to take part in what promises to be another amazing season of the SC2I Team League. Remember to let us know what you think of the current line-up of teams and also which other teams you would like to see joining the First Division!


Team Acer are a team we welcome to the SC2I Team League for the first time with their full roster - as they only previously played with MMA when allied with Axiom in Season 4.  Acer have always been high end placers in team leagues such as the Acer TeamStory Cup. They have a strong foreign line-up in Bly, Nerchio and Scarlett, who have all show promise so far in LotV.


ROOT Gaming return for another season of the SC2I Team League after narrowly missing out on the Playoffs of Season 4. With Korean ace player Hydra and a selection of WCS Premiere League players such as Kelazhur and Petraeus you should expect ROOT to be gunning for the top spots in this coming season. They gave us some great games last season - let's hope for more of the same!


Cascade are two-time runners up of the SC2I Team League and were also looking great last season until they met Team Liquid in the quarter-finals of the playoffs. Aside from Kas the line-up of Cascade is relatively unknown, but they consistently perform well in the online team leagues. Will this be another breakout season for Cascade?


AT Gaming are another team of returning SC2ITL champions after their victory back in Season 2 over Vega Squadron. The entire roster of this Dutch organisation has developed a lot over the past seasons and they are the only team to have made it to the playoffs for every Season they have entered (S1-S4.) Ace player uThermal will be the one to watch out for in their matches, but don't count out their other up and comers.