SC2Improve's 4th Birthday Events!

Next week marks the fourth birthday of the SC2Improve community - and it's only right that we celebrate it! We always run a special event for our birthday and this year will be no different as we host TWO events for you to take part in : the $100 SC2I Weekly #76 and the $50 SC2I Archon Cup #1.

Both events are open to players from all regions and of all skill levels, so make sure to sign-up and come have some fun as we celebrate the last four years of being together. Further information can be found below or on the sign-up page for each of the events.

All the action from the events will of course be streamed live at

SC2I Weekly #76
Prize : $100 ($75 / $25 split over 1st & 2nd)
Date : Tuesday 22nd December, 7pm CET (6.30pm CET for check-ins)
Sign-up :

SC2I Archon Cup #1
Prize :  $50 (Winner-takes-all)
Date : Wednesday 23rd December, 7pm CET (6.30pm CET for check-ins)
Sign-up :

See you in-game or on the stream!

Jonathon WardComment