Bunny vs viOLet - A Preview to the Launch

Here we are - the day before the SC2Improve Summer League 2014 launches with what will be SC2Improve's sickest show-match to date! Bunny - the most recent addition to Team Liquid alongside MaNa - is a hot contender for the title of best European Terran currently, while viOLet has been a fan favorite for a long time despite only just becoming more visible again recently.

This is surely going to be a fantastic TvZ - Bunny has looked incredible as of late in Team Leagues (though came up short in WCS EU RO32 and HSC RO32) and statistically speaking his TvZ is his strongest match-up with a 66.51% win-rate against top Europeans & some Koreans in a mix of online & offline events.

viOLet is always someone you have to be scared of as well - it may have been some time ago but he has an IEM and an MLG championship to his name and in his current form looks stronger than ever before. His ZvT is at a 64.84% win-ratio and recent victims of his ZvT include Polt, Qxc and Jjakji. In WCS RO32 he propelled himself through his group with a mixture of strategies against Qxc, ranging from early aggression to solid macro games with a mixture of Roach/Hydralisk and Zergling/Baneling/Mutalisk compositions.

The recent Hellbat patch may have a big effect on the outcome of this match - being the reactionary race it is up to Zerg to find the correct answers to the builds Terran players are using - which are not all too different from what they have been using for a long time in the match-up. viOLet's scouting will have to be on point to avoid taking too much damage from these new early Terran pushes.

Personally I cannot wait to see what comes out of this  - TvZ is my favorite match-up and I'm expecting a large variety of builds to come from either player which are likely to lead into longer games where players multi-tasking will be tested to the maximum. I'm going to predict a 4-2 victory to Bunny - but that is probably my Terran bias shining through a little! Who will you be cheering for tomorrow?