Games vs RuW Voided Due to Account Sharing

In the past few days it came to our attention that there has been a player playing under somebody elses account for an extended period of time. This was unknown to everyone - including the teams of the players involved and was only found when the offender streamed a match on their Twitch account. Having looked closely at replays and the VOD it was clear that this was the same person playing for essentially two teams in the league for their own personal gain. This is clearly a very serious matter and already the person immitating the player has left their team and confessed to the actions.

Because of this all matches (those already played and yet to be played) against RuW's 1st Division squad this Season will be voided and set to default 4-0 wins for opponents so that the legitimacy of the league is not disrupted. As the team did not know that this was happening and did not commit this act knowingly, they will be allowed to play in future seasons of the SC2ITL and no further action will be taken against them as a team.

Krr and KensShow will be banned from all SC2Improve events under any team for life due to this situation.