viOlet and Liquid'Bunny to launch SC2I Summer League 2014!

Today is our first announcement for this years SC2Improve Summer League! Not only have we released all the information including prize pool, qualifier dates and so on - but we have also announced this years two invited players who will play a BO7 show-match at 4pm CEST on the 11th June to launch the Summer League!

These two players are two of the best players we have ever had play in the SC2Improve Leagues and we are very excited to welcome both Liquid'Bunny and viOlet to the SC2I Summer League 2014!


Last year Bunny was a part of our SC2Improve Summer League launch match where he played against Monchi just after he first qualified for WCS. Since then the Danish Terran player has become a contender for the title of best Terran player in EU. His talent was spotted by Team Liquid - one of the most established teams in the Starcraft 2 scene and following joining Liquid Bunny's results continued to improve and impress.

In WCS 2014 S1 he made the RO16 and he just barely missed a repeat performance in S2. Results elsewhere show that this is not just some fluke - he has been destroying team after team in the Acer Teamstory Cup and holds other strong results in online cups.

Bunny's story in Starcraft 2 is a great example of where hard work and dedication can take you in eSports - working his way up from someone people knew nothing about, doing well in Denmark but not elsewhere, to becoming someone who people have high expectations of and expect to carry the foreigner flag in months to come.


Of course - who doesn't know viOlet? He has an MLG and an IEM championship under his belt - but he is only just on his way back up after a long period of silence. Now living in America the Korean Zerg has won over many fans with his personality and interactions - his impressive English taking him a long way past the boundary of 'faceless Korean'.

Just recently viOlet made it back into the WCS Premier League system after having to forfeit last year due to VISA issues. He advance through his RO32 group in first place and will now play in the RO16 of WCS AM S2. While maybe not the hot favourite to win the whole thing you can never count this Zerg out - a top 8 performance is not out of his reach.


Mark down June 11th in your calendar because this TvZ BO7 may very well be some of the sickest TvZ you see for some time - and don't forget both players will also play in the main Summer League tournament in August! You can find full information about the Summer League here.