Arthur wins SC2Improve Summer League Qualifier 1

The Summer League 2014 started with a bit of a fizzle - technical difficulties prevented us from broadcasting the semi-finals & finals of the first qualifier which was won by Team Spectre's newest acquisition - Arthur.

On his way to the finals he took down previous SC2Improve Champion Adonminus, MaxFloPlaY's souL and Gravity's Blast without dropping a map. In the finals he came up against Ansopedi who had notably defeated JonnyREcco in the lower side of the bracket.

Ansopedi was able to take a map in the finals - the only map Arthur dropped throughout the evening. In the end however our Protoss player prevailed and is the first Protoss player in the RO16 of the SC2I Summer League.

Arthur played in the SC2I Winter League where he unfortunately had to forfeit in the RO16. He has recently seen very stable results as he has now made it to the RO16 of WCS America two seasons in a row and will in the coming weeks be looking to make consecutive RO8 appearances in the most important tournament in SC2.

His aggressive play style catches a lot of players off-guard - but even when they know what to expect it can still be powerful. Arthur is somebody who has the potential to upset almost anybody in a tournament so keep an eye on him and who his potential victims will be in the SC2I Summer League 2014!