SC2Improve Team League America Welcomes ZOWIE GEAR as a sponsor!

To say that Season One of SC2Improve Team League America has been a success already would be an understatement - and it hasn't even been announced a week, never mind started! Already we have had some awesome donations totaling to $125, an anonymous contribution of $100 and a $500 sponsorship from Let's Kung Fu.

Today we are happy to announce that the league will move one step further forward as ZOWIE GEAR join us as product sponsor. SC2Improve has worked with ZOWIE numerous times over the past year, with them first supporting us during last years SC2Improve Summer League. Since then our relations have only improved. We hope you will join us in thanking ZOWIE for their continued support.

ZOWIE GEAR will add 5 x EC2 eVo CL Mice for first place and 5 x Red G-CM Mousepads for second place. This is over $500 worth of products, cementing the SC2Improve Team League America Season One as the largest prize-pooled event we have ever hosted. The full prize pool now stands at :

1st - $350 + 75% of Entrance Fees (+ Donation Incentives!) + 5 x ZOWIE EC2 eVo CL Mice
2nd - $175 + 25% of Entrance Fees (+ Donation Incentives) + 5 x ZOWIE Red G-CM Mousepads
3rd - $75 (Donation Incentive HAS BEEN MET!)

With $255 still to be distributed, depending on number of teams which sign-up.

We would like to announce with this that we are extending the registration period of the league by one extra week, meaning teams now have until Friday June 27th to register, pay their entrance fee and submit their roster.

Looking to register? Click this sentence to go to the registration page!