Vega Squadron squeeze past against All authority in SC2ITL Playoffs

The SC2ITL playoffs started with an amazing match between Vega Squadron and against All authority. aAa came in as the underdogs, with Vega Squadron having been unbeaten all season but they put up a strong showing. An early 2-0 lead for aAa thanks to Chubz was followed by JonnyREcco leveling the series 2-2.

The series went to all 7 games with LiveZerg picking up the final two maps after Spartfire took Game 5 from JonnyREcco with an aggressive Roach-Baneling timing just before Mutalisks came out. VODs will be uploaded to overnight!

Full-series and spoiler-free VOD :

Match summary for the quarter-final match between aAa and Vega.

Match summary for the quarter-final match between aAa and Vega.

We also talked to the Vega Squadron manager and asked a couple of questions following the victory and advancement to the semi-finals.

Congratulations on your 4-3 victory - the series was much closer than I and many others expected it to be, did you expect aAa to put up such a strong series?

Thank you a lot! That was really excited and unpredictable match till the end. Everything went wrong way for us from the start, but we managed to shock our players in positive way, so we can close cw with tight, close 4-3 win. Great play by aAa today, congratz to them too for putting such effort into this! Really great team.

Were you worried at all when aAa were 2-0 up?

Well after 0-2 i obviously was not happy with my player performance, but i knew we had the players who can turn it around, and in the end it ended like that. When you loose players like elfi and DaNa in two starting games, every team would be worried, but luckily our ace LiveZerg managed to close it, as we expected. 

Would you rather play ESC or MaxFlo in the semi-finals?

Both are really great teams, but we played MaxFlo in group stage, and we managed to beat them with 4-2 score, so i think we can repeat that too. So definitely MaxFlo, since we already have experience playing them.

Vega Squadron are the first team to advance to the semi-finals with the other RO8 games expected to be played out throughout the week.