AT Gaming through to SC2ITL S2 Semi-Finals.

AT Gaming went up against the underdogs of the playoffs, Team Gravity, in their RO8 match. Last season AT Gaming fell in the RO8 after coming top of their group, but they were not going to fall at the same hurdle twice as they came out with a dominant performance.

Jona took AT Gaming to a 3-0 advantage, winning in 20+ minute macro games against Serendipity (P), Kreos (Z) and DeeMo (T). He faltered against SpaceMarine however - a proxy hatch block turned bad when he died to SpaceMarine's follow-up four gate. Optimus came out to finish the job, taking down SpaceMarine in an entertaining TvP bringing AT Gaming to a 4-1 victory and advancing them to the semi-finals.

Full series and spoiler-free VOD :

Match summary between AT Gaming and Team Gravity.

Match summary between AT Gaming and Team Gravity.

We also got some quick thoughts from the AT Gaming manager following the series.

Congratulations on a pretty straight forward victory for AT Gaming today, was this as you expected?

I hadn't heard of Team Gravity before and Liquipedia wasn't very clear on how well they played to qualify. But for them to qualify in that division I guessed they were pretty good. Jona asked me if he could play a few times so I agreed to make him the starter. He's one of the strongest players on our team so him doing well was pretty much expected. 

You'll face much tougher opponents in the semi-finals, either mYinsanity or Alien Invasion, who would you rather go up against?

We already played a watered down version of mYinsanity and won, but I guess they will play on full strength in the semi's. We haven't played Alien Invasion but I know that they're really strong. 
I would rather play mYi because we know the guys a bit (talked with them at DH Summer) and we get along pretty well. I'm very curious to see how their strongest lineup will do against our strongest lineup. 

We're really looking forward to our next match and hope to do as well as in this one.

AT Gaming are the second team to advance into the semi-finals following Vega Squadron earlier in the week.