Impact, aLive, Patience & jjakji in SC2I Winter Series.

Week one of the SC2I Winter Series takes place this coming Monday, 5th January, at 4pm CET live on the SC2Improve Stream. The first week is one you will want to make sure you check out as we are starting with a big line-up! Impact (Z), Patience (P), aLive (T) and jjakji (T) will be the four players duking it out in the double-elimination group.

The starting matches will be as follows :

Impact (Z) vs jjakji (T)

Patience (P) vs aLive (T)

With three BO3s and two BO5s in store we are almost certainly in for some great SC2 matches. Impact will probably be coming into this group as the favourite, with second place being a toss-up between the other three competitors.

My personal predictions are as follows :

Impact 2 - 1 jjakji
Patience 2 - 1 aLive
aLive 2 - 1 jjakji
Impact 3 - 1 Patience
Patience 3 - 1 aLive

Saying this I do hope jjakji/aLive can prove me wrong and advance as one of the top two - they are both great terran players and as a terran fan boy it would be great to see one of them advance to the larger tournament at the end of February.

If you have your own predictions feel free to share them with us over at the Team Liquid Thread!