Ryung, Losira, Hurricane & Center - Winter Series Week 4

Ryung (T) vs Losira (Z)

Hurricane (P) vs Center (T)

Tuesday 27th January - 3pm CET

It's almost ludicrous to think that we are already coming up to the halfway point of these group stage qualifiers - it seems like it was just a couple of days ago that we were getting started! This week I actually think we have the best line-up of players so far. It's going to be hard to guess who predict who is coming out of this one with all four players performing relatively well recently.

A quick prediction from Aligulac suggests we will see the two terran players drop out from this group, with Losira and Hurricane being fairly even in their chances to finish in first place.

The prediction does however see all of the matches going to all three games (of course, our Winners Match & Decider Match are BO5!) which suggests that everyone is going to be on their game as the competition is going to be tough. Let us know who you will be cheering for and make sure to check out the stream for what promises to be a great day of games!