SC2ITL S4 - Are you ready?

It's happening. The SC2Improve Team League Season 4 has officially evolved to the next level of competition. Halfway through Season 3 we began teasing the idea that the fourth season of the league was going to be taking a giant step forward and it is so exciting to see now that the fourth season will go above and beyond our own expectations.

This Monday the fourth season of the SC2ITL begins with over €2500 of prizes over three divisions which now accommodate over 80 teams and over 500 players. These statistics on their own are pretty crazy to comprehend -- but let me tell you about our line-up of teams. In fact maybe you should just take a look for yourselves at who will be competing in our first division!

Yes that is right - Liquid, Axiom, mYinsanity, ROOT, Fnatic, Invasion eSport, Dignitas-Dead Pixels, Baguette, Cascade and more are all set and ready to take part in the team league. WHAT?! The line-up is incredible and a level above anything we were expecting to attract with the league. The first few weeks alone sees some amazing match-ups such as mYinsanity vs AxiomLiquid vs Invasion eSport and many more. It's going to be an incredible 9 weeks of Starcraft as we make our way through the group stages and towards the playoffs.

Even mYinsanity realize the level of competition here. The Season 1 champions have stumbled and fallen before the finals in the last two seasons, but it sounds as though they aren't going to be making the same mistakes again...

You can see the full match schedule for the first division over on LiquipediaThe first matches are being scheduled as we speak and in just a few short days we will begin bringing you daily action from what is going to be the most stacked and hyped event here at SC2Improve. Are you ready? Because we are. We think.