SC2I Team League S4 Playoffs Released

After many weeks of group play we have finally arrived at the final eight teams still remaining in each of the First, Second and Third division of the SC2Improve Team League S4. With over €2500 of prizes to be won this is where it gets serious!

First Division playoff bracket. Single elimination BO7 all-kill format.

First Division playoff bracket. Single elimination BO7 all-kill format.

In the First division some notable teams such as mYinsanity and ROOT Gaming are missing from the line-up, following a season which was crammed with upsets during the groups. This does however set the scene for some great potential underdog stories as ECVisualize make their debut in the playoffs after four seasons of competing and Redbloods qualify for the second straight season in a row.

Two-time runners-up Cascade are also in the bracket alongside Season 2 champions AT Gaming, both teams finished third in their respective groups and will go up against new-comers to the league but not new-comers to the fans : Team Liquid and Baguette, both of whom had very successful seasons with very few hiccups.

The top of the groups saw dominance from Axiom-Acer and Dignitas-Dead Pixels, the two korean-based alliances have had very little competition during the regular season and all signs point towards them clashing in the finals.

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Make sure to catch all of the action live on our stream at as the playoffs start later this week! Keep an eye on social media for announcements in regards to schedules of the matches.