Announcing the UK & Ireland Summer Series


It has been a while since SC2Improve's last venture into the UK Scene, when we hosted a series of events named the UK Revival Series. I have wanted to put on a slightly larger UK based event for some time and am very excited to put this into motion.

The UK & Ireland Summer Series is open to all players who are from or currently residing in the UK & Ireland. The event will host a £200 Prize Pool, in which three qualifiers will decide six players who will join the main event alongside our two invites, Aicy and Boombox - the recent epic.FIFTEEN finalists. The main event will be played online during September once the qualifiers have concluded.

One of the major goals of this event is to raise awareness of the Starcraft Scene in the UK. In October there will be epic.SIXTEEN, which is currently the only offline Starcraft tournament in the UK. It takes place in Kettering and we want to try and help make people aware of this tournament and to raise the number of participants. epicLAN is always a lot of fun and is a very friendly event where you can really meet and have a laugh with a lot of the UK players. You can find out more about epicLAN at

If you aren't familiar with the UK Scene we have a Skype group full of dank memes and other stupidity which is bound to make you never want to be a part of the scene. But if you can survive the first hour it's a great way to get to know some people before coming to LAN or playing in the online cups. If you want an invite to the group feel free to send a message to with your Skype info.

Qualifier Sign-ups

Qualifier 1 - Wednesday 19th August 6pm BST

Qualifier 2 - Wednesday 2nd September 6pm BST

Qualifier 3 - Wednesday 9th September 6pm BST

Qualifier dates may change up to 24 hours before starting to accommodate for other events.

The UK & Ireland Summer Series is sponsored by Molotovs & Marshmallows.

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