Announcing SC2I Team League Season 5!


Here we go! After a hugely successful Season 4 I am very happy to announce that the SC2Improve Team League is finally back for Season 5! Just over a month ago over four thousand of you tuned in to witness Team Liquid take down Dignitas-Dead Pixels in the grand final of SC2ITL S4, crowning themselves as champions of the SC2I Team League. Today we start that journey all over again as registration for Season 5 opens.

Season 5 of the team league will once again aim to create a competitive environment in which players of all skill-levels have the opportunity to partake in weekly competition against other clans and teams with real prizes on the line. The league aims to provide a relaxing experience which is easy to partake in, with fair rulings and the enjoyment of our participants at the center of our attention at all times.

One of the major goals for the league in Season 5 is to really push the story lines which are taking part within the SC2ITL. A lot of the downtime since last season has been used collecting statistics and data for teams and players. As the tournament begins you will be able to find information on all the teams partaking in the First Division, see which matches are upcoming, who played against who and also easily locate VODs of every match. We hope with this information you will be able to become completely emerged into the story of SC2ITL S5.

As with Season 4 the league will be split into three divisions. The First Division will once again host a €2000 prize pool and is designed to be played by the best teams in Starcraft 2. There will once again be a €20 entry-fee for the First Division and it will be open only to teams who are invited or who advance through the qualifiers.

The qualifiers will be open entry and teams who do not manage to qualify will still be able to partake in the Second Division, which is open to all teams with no limits with an entry-fee of €5 which will be used to create the Second Division prize pool. The Third Division will also return for Season 5 and will once again be focused on teams with players in Bronze-Diamond league. The Third Division will also be open entry with no limit on the number of teams which can take part.

We look forward to seeing you be a part of the SC2Improve Team League Season 5, whether it be as a spectator or as a player. Registration for teams can be found at the top of this page by following the link to the SC2ITL S5 Homepage.

Finally a thank you to our sponsor for SC2ITL Season 5 : Team Extreme Supremacy. You can follow them on Twitter to show your thanks for their support.

And for feardragon, who is a big reason the SC2ITL S5 is returning in the way that it is : Be happy in life and remember to embrace your love for StarCraft.