SC2I Team League S5 First Division Cancelled.

It saddens me to announce that the main event of the SC2Improve Team League Season 5 will be postponed until later this year due to multiple reasons. We will continue to run the SC2Improve Team League Season 5, but without the €2000 First Division. This means we will have the Second Division active with a base prize-pool of €100 which will be added to through the entry-fees of teams.

Cancellation Reasons

The main reason of cancelling the First Division is due to the lack of sign-ups. With registration closing tomorrow there wouldn't have had enough teams to create the competition we want to create with the prize pool we are putting on. Four teams registered which would have had automatic invites to the First Division, and only twelve teams registered for the qualifiers.

I personally will be travellling a lot during October/November as well, which means that it makes more sense to delay the league to start when I have more time to focus on it with the level of attention I want to give it.

Finally the Legacy of the Void release date was slightly sooner than expected when originally planning the league. This combined with the lateness starting Season 5 means it would be unfavorable to start the league before LotV. The new format for Season 5 which will feature only the Second & Third Division will be set to try and finish before the release of the new expansion, but as it is a smaller event the threat of an overlap is not as much of an issue.

Refunds & Already Registered Teams

We understand that this is a major change to the competition. Because of this all teams which have already registered will be personally contacted by me over the next days to confirm whether they will want to play in the new format. Teams who no longer wish to participate will have their entry-fees completely refunded.

Registration for Season 5

Registration will remain open until Friday 18th September, with entry-fees required by Saturday 19th September. The league will still begin week one on Monday 21st September. You can still register through the SC2Improve Team League home-page :

The €5 entry-fee will apply to all teams competing in the second division, while third division registrations will not require an entry-fee.

I am sorry to bring you this disappointing news, but I hope you can understand our situation. If you have any questions about the league please contact me via Skype or on e-mail :

Jonathon WardComment