Interview with Wardí

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Thanks for taking the time to do this interview for Techanet. I know how busy your schedule is so this is greatly appreciated. Could you introduce yourself for any of our readers who don’t know who you are?

Hey, I’m Wardí a full-time streamer and content producer in Starcraft 2. I’m 21 and have just graduated from with my Masters in Physics. I’ve been playing Starcraft for about 4 years and streaming for 2-3.

You’re now an established member of the Starcraft community, what drew you to gaming and eventually to this game?

I’ve been playing games from a very young age. My dad has always been into computers and I had my own PC very early on. It started out just playing arcade games or so with my dad but as time went by I found online games and I just never really stopped from there.

I was playing World of Warcraft when I bought Starcraft 2, and I only bought it because of a late night conversation with a guild-mate who told me to get it so we could play tower defense, so I thought why not. Once I had the game I decided to try and learn to play and came across the eSports scene as well. The challenge of the game alongside being absorbed by watching pro matches is what kept me in Starcraft and at this point I’ve probably played it longer than any other game without quitting at some point.

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