WardiTV welcomes Harry's as stream sponsor.

It has been a long time coming, but we are excited to announce our first ever stream sponsor for the WardiTV Twitch channel! Finding stream sponsors is the basis for furthering our presence in StarCraft 2 & other esports as it provides a huge amount of stability in terms of being able to continue streaming.

Harry's is a shaving & razor company, shipping to the US & Canada, designed to take the frustration out of shaving and to provide a high quality and affordable alternative to shaving, giving a "great shave at a fair price". They allow you to sign up to a shaving plan which delivers razors and gels based on how frequently you shave (while also being thoroughly customisable to suit your needs.) It means you always have your shaving supplies when you need them and even better you're getting them at a great price, delivered to your door!

With our partnership you will be able to start a free trial with Harry's so you can see for yourself what all the fuss is about. When you sign up for a free trial you (make sure to go via the Wardiii referral link!) will only have to pay for the shipping (~$3) for your trial package. You can also use the code 'Wardi' at checkout to add a free balm worth $5) to your order. The trial will sign you up for a shaving plan which you can cancel at any time. You will not be charged (apart from for the trial shipping) for 2-3 weeks and will also receive a reminder so that you remember to cancel if you do not wish to go past the trial.

We were able to try Harry's products before agreeing on the partnership and it made for the easiest and most comfortable shaves I've had in a while. I love the ease of simply receiving the product in the mail and not having to worry about going out to get new blades or gels. The products look great, from the box they arrive in through to sitting in your bathroom, making the entire experience pleasant. I loved my experience with Harry's and I'm sure you will too, hence the partnership!

Finally, we will be running some online cups in celebration of our sponsor over the next months. Expect to hear more on these in the next week or two!

Again, go to Harrys.com and use the code WARDI at checkout to claim your Free Trial Set as well as a post shave balm. We look forward to an exciting few months with Harry's on our side!

Jonathon WardComment