WTL S7 First Division Teams & Groups

A lot of people have been eagerly awaiting to see which teams will be partaking in the upcoming season of the WardiTV Team League, and especially who will face off against each other during the group stages which make up the majority of the tournament. We extend a special shout out to Team Ascension Pro & Gplay.bg who came through our qualifiers to join the First Division. Below you can find the list of teams in Groups A and B of the competition. Enjoy and let us know what your favourite matches are going to be!

Also you may notice there are only nine teams per group, instead of the originally intended ten. This is a cut-back we set on the league which we made after evaluating the level of quality we want to keep in the First Division. It is very likely that we will make further cuts next season, to keep the highest quality of content from the First Division.

Group A

Invasion Esports
Team Revolution
Dead Pixels
Team Ascension Pro
RedBloods-ECVisualize (Alliance)
Nuit Blanche

Group B

Team Liquid
Team Expert (+Neeb)
True eSports
Special Guests (TBA!)
Romandy Gaming

We are hoping to announce the special guests from Group B in the next few days. The league begins next week so keep an eye out around the website & Team Liquid calendar for the first matches!

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