WardiTV Team League Season 7

It is with great pleasure that we are able to announce WardiTV Team League Season 7 - the first season of the team league under it's new branding with WardiTV. The Team League started late in 2013 and three years on it is incredible to see how far it has come and how far it is continuing to grow.

Every season we like to push the team league one step further. Between our last two major seasons (4 and 6) we increased production quality by a large margin and we also covered over double the amount of match (88 matches broadcast in First Division, up from 40). We dabbled in extra content creation and continued to refine a system which made the league enjoyable for players and viewers alike.

Season 7 is going to be no different as we once again push the boundaries of the team league. With so many resources now available to us we are very happy to announce the Americas Division, which is designed to help teams in the Americas region to compete on a regular basis. We are also putting more emphasis once again on how we tell the story of the team league. Expect more highlights, interviews, recaps and more coming out of us this season.

We welcome back True Esports as one of the sponsors for this season of the event, a team who have shown us how much they can grow over the past seasons, finishing RO8 in Season 6. They are the team of Elazer, one of the Blizzcon quarter finalists and we are thrilled to have them back with us for another season.

We also welcome Matcherino as a sponsor of the team league. Matcherino will help us with the base prize pool of the competition via coupon codes on their website (coming soon) and will allow for the first time fans to contribute directly to the prize pool of the team league. We have some cool benefits lined up for supporters on Matcherino.

Thank you to everyone who continues to support the team league, by playing, sponsoring, watching or however else. We adore this tournament and because of your help we are able to continue pushing it further with every single season. We hope you enjoy Season 7, we know we will.

The team league you know and love returns as the Global Divisions. Three Divisions allowing teams of all skill levels to come and test themselves against each other in weekly competition. We have added some quick pieces of information for each division below, but we urge you to read the full Rules & Information link to answer all of your questions.


First Division
$2500 Base Prize Pool
$25 Entry Fee
20 Teams
Qualifier / Invite Only

Second Division
$300 Prize Pool
$7 Entry Fee
Unlimited Teams
Open Entry
Suggested for teams with multiple Master league players.

Third Division
$25 Prize Pool
$0 Entry Fee
Unlimited Teams
Open Entry
Suggested for teams with primarily Bronze-Diamond league players.

New for Season 7, the Americas Division aims to bring the Team League experience to the Americas. We will be applying the same format as we have done for the European (Global) league, with no region lock but a preference to NA time zones & servers. Teams will be able to compete in both a Global Division AND the Americas Division. We again urge you to read the Rules & Information link for full information before registering.


Americas Division
$350 Base Prize Pool
$10 Entry Fee
Unlimited Teams
Open Entry
Suggested for teams who can compete in American Evening time zones.

31st October - Sign-ups open.
20th November - Sign-ups close (at 23.59pm CET for Global Divsions & 23.59pm EST for Americas Division). Entry fee payments must be made by this time. 
23rd-26th November - Global First Division Qualifiers.
28th November - First week of regular competition begins for all Divisions.