Welcome to the WardiTV Team League Season 7 - a continuation of the SC2Improve Team League. Over the years we here at WardiTV have grown to love and adore this event and it is with great pleasure to bring you all a seventh season. We saw this every season, but we are once again pushing the boundaries to bring everybody, from players through to viewers, an even better team league experience.

From raising the prize pool, to creating even more content from the team league, we have more resources available to us than ever before to really make the WTL something special. This season we want to take the team league from being an event teams play in because it's the only team league of this size, to an event teams play in because it would be stupid not to. We're going to bring you more content than ever before as we introduced the Americas Division to the line-up as well as dedicated content teams to bring you interviews, highlights, recaps and more from the WTL.

We love this tournament and we want to show you that. Enjoy Season 7.

The Global Divisions of the WTL Season 7 host a prize pool of over $2500. This is where the very best teams should be looking to compete if they want to prove that they are the very best in the world. Split across three divisions we see teams of all skill levels coming together to take part in weekly competitive action.

The First Division is broadcast in full by WardiTV and looks to promote teams and their players through extra content, from highlight reels through to interviews and articles. There is no region lock on this event and teams may compete in both Global & America Divisions (read the Rules & Information Page linked above).


New in Season 7 the Americas Division looks to provide American teams an opportunity to play with the home advantage. While none of tournaments are region locked, the Americas Division will be played in NA friendly time zones and on server preferences which favor NA players. Our goal is to create a division where the American teams can show what they are made of, while also bringing in some competition from outside of America. This is the format we apply in the Europe (Global) Division which has been a major success in the past and so we hope for more of the same in our new Division.

The Americas Division will have a dedicated content team so that we can cover multiple matches each week from the tournament and keep you all up to date with the latest results, upsets and story lines.