WardiTV Christmas Invitational

Next week (December 12th and on) there will be no Leifeng Cup or SGL Cup due to larger events, so WardiTV have decided to fill the week with our own event. It will be a 16 player event with 12 invites and 4 qualified players. Our base prize pool is $300, but will be ran through Matcherino and so should be raised.

Matcherino Page
1st - $175
2nd - $75
3rd/4th - $25

Qualifier - $50

Liquipedia Page
BO3 Round Robin RO16 Groups, Single elimination 8 player Playoff bracket (RO8 : BO3, RO4 : BO5, Finals : BO7)

Qualifier - Friday, Dec 09 12:00pm GMT (GMT+00:00)
Click above to go to sign-ups and find full information.

Group A - Monday, Dec 12 12:00pm GMT (GMT+00:00)
Group B - Tuesday, Dec 13 12:00pm GMT (GMT+00:00)
Group C - Wednesday, Dec 14 12:00pm GMT (GMT+00:00)
Group D - Thursday, Dec 15 12:00pm GMT (GMT+00:00)
Playoffs - Friday, Dec 16 12:00pm GMT (GMT+00:00)

Make sure to catch all the action LIVE on WardiTV!

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