True eSports roster shake-up : Ryung in, Elazer out.

Sponsors of WardiTV Team League S7, True eSports have had some huge roster changes in the past week which could really shake things up with regard to their WTL performance. Just before the regular season of the league began it was announced that they would lose their star player, Mikołaj "Elazer" Ogonowski. who recently placed top 4 in the largest StarCraft 2 event of the year, Blizzcon. At Blizzcon Elazer showed an impressive performance defeating Solar, Nechio & ShoWTimE before dropping 0-3 to Dark in the semi-finals.

Elazer was a key player for True eSports in Season 6 of the competition, helping them to a quarter-final finish (losing 0-4 to Invasion eSports, all-killed by MajOr.) Most impressively Elazer all-killed Millenium during the group stages, before they went on to win the tournament. This included wins over ShoWTimE, Dayshi and Lilbow.

The loss of Elazer follows the removal of Guru from the team due to disciplinary issues. This left True eSports with only two main team players on their roster - souL and Reynor. However just today it was announced that Ryung would return to True eSports - a team he was on briefly during the end of 2015. Ryung has been looking for a team since leaving MVP and this signing comes as little surprise now the new WCS Season has been announced. With the new WCS information at our hands, many more Korean signings to foreign teams are expected in the near future.

Image taken from True eSports twitter -

Image taken from True eSports twitter -

Ryung could not come soon enough for True eSports, who lost their first match of the regular season with a 2-4 scoreline against Romandy Gaming - a team who showed a solid performance during Season 6 but who are still generally considered underdogs. Having placed in the quarterfinals last season, True eSports will only be looking to go even further this time around. The question is, will Ryung alone be enough to take them that far with more Koreans potentially joining the league in the coming weeks?

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