SC2ITL S2 - Week 5 Games to Watch!

Things got back on track last week after a small hiatus in terms of streaming! We streamed four of the First Division matches which were taking place and this article is going to talk about the three we thought were the best to watch so you can decide if you want to check them out!

Before we start please note that while all of our Youtube VODs are 100% spoiler-free there may be slight spoilers with-in the text of this article so watch out!

3 - Team DarkStar vs MaxFloPlay

Team DarkStar vs MaxFloPlaY was a series I was extremely looking forward to watching and it delivered. The opening match between Bloop and pal was a brilliant back and forth TvP in which the action was continuous from the first few minutes. A later match in the series saw an enthralling ZvP on King Sejong Station where the comeback was intense! ThensouL came out for MaxFloPlaY and he was on fire with amazing multitasking throughout his games.

2 - ESC ICY BOX vs against All authority

Do you love Mech? Then this is a series you should check out as ESC's Panzer General himself GoOdy took the stage to entertain us through the series. The best part about this series has to be the fact that despite the majority of the games being long they were never boring! This series is a must-watch for anybody who loves longer macro games where long-term strategy really comes into play.

1 - ESC ICY BOX vs Karnage eSports

Most highly recommended for last week is ESC ICY BOX vs Karnage eSports. Karnage went into this match being the team with the potential but not the results so far in the SC2ITL, while ESC were undefeated. Everything was on the line for both teams - the difference between being the very bottom or the very top and they both gave it their all. A Swarm Host ZvP started things off before everything heated up and a series of close, tense games followed which left you wondering who was going to take this until the very end.


Thanks for taking the time to check out our top 3 games from Week 5 and make sure to subscribe to the SC2Improve Youtube to see more SC2ITL VODs in coming weeks!