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Bunny & Hush to play in WTL America under DuSt Gaming

With the great exodus of Korean teams many have been waiting to see which teams will make fresh pick-ups from the Korean scene, though there has been a severe lack of activity which has mostly been put down to the lack of information on the 2017 WCS system. Very recently Solar was picked up by Splyce, as they begin their venture into SC2 and yesterday the news came from DuSt Gaming that they had signed former CJ Entus players Bunny and Hush.

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WTL S7 First Division Teams & Groups

A lot of people have been eagerly awaiting to see which teams will be partaking in the upcoming season of the WardiTV Team League, and especially who will face off against each other during the group stages which make up the majority of the tournament. We extend a special shout out to Team Ascension Pro & who came through our qualifiers to join the First Division. Below you can find the list of teams in Groups A and B of the competition. Enjoy and let us know what your favourite matches are going to be!

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WardiTV Team League Season 7

It is with great pleasure that we are able to announce WardiTV Team League Season 7 - the first season of the team league under it's new branding with WardiTV. The Team League started late in 2013 and three years on it is incredible to see how far it has come and how far it is continuing to grow.

Every season we like to push the team league one step further. Between our last two major seasons (4 and 6) we increased production quality by a large margin and we also covered over double the amount of match (88 matches broadcast in First Division, up from 40). We dabbled in extra content creation and continued to refine a system which made the league enjoyable for players and viewers alike.

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