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SC2I Team League S2 - One Third Down

The second season of the SC2Improve Team League has been flying by! Four of eleven weeks of the round robin stage have now been completed and we have seen it all - from the expected to the surprises with an absolutely amazing number of great quality games in between. This article is here to guide you all through the story of the SC2ITL Season 2 so far!

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SC2I Team League Season 2 Kicks Off!

The SC2Improve Team League Season 2 sprang into action over the weekend as 22 teams took part in the qualifier to determine which teams would complete the First Division. A full overview of the bracket can be found at

Teams had to make it to the semi-finals to advance to the First Division. The competition started with many expected results, and early rounds saw the teams who signed up just for a bit of fun drop out fairly swiftly, but things heated up pretty quickly in the RO16 as scores became pretty tight between teams as they battled for a chance to play in the final round on Sunday.

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mYinsanity Wrap Up SC2ITL S1 With Victory

On Sunday we saw the culmination of three months of competition in the SC2Improve Team League Season One with the favourites from the beginning mYinsanity going up against the team who came out ahead of them in the Group Stage, Cascade. Their Group Stage match was a nail-biter when Minato took Cascade to a 3-1 lead before Stardust brought the victory home for mYinsanity with a 4-3. Going into the finals we were all expecting another great clash between these two teams who had dominated the Group Stages and Playoffs.

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