mYinsanity Wrap Up SC2ITL S1 With Victory

On Sunday we saw the culmination of three months of competition in the SC2Improve Team League Season One with the favourites from the beginning mYinsanity going up against the team who came out ahead of them in the Group Stage, Cascade. Their Group Stage match was a nail-biter when Minato took Cascade to a 3-1 lead before Stardust brought the victory home for mYinsanity with a 4-3. Going into the finals we were all expecting another great clash between these two teams who had dominated the Group Stages and Playoffs.

VODs of the SC2ITL Grand Final Match

The match started strong for Cascade when Zeth took a very convincing PvP victory over mYinsanity's starting player JayPower. The Dutch afro-toss went into a mirrored build order with his opponent as both opened Blink on Heavy Rain. Zeth however seemed to make all the right decisions - with faster upgrades and Robotics tech he was able to get an advantage by the time the mid-game came around and a combination of this momentum and some awesome Warp Prism play saw him take Game 1.

Things quickly turned sour for Cascade however as Serral came up next for mYinsanity and he did more than deliver. He started by pulling Zeth apart on Frost with huge amounts of multi-tasking, denying the Protoss 4th Base long enough to basically give himself a free-win once his Mutalisks came out. Cascade went big with their next player and set out arguably their best - Adonminus.

Adonminus couldn't do anything though. He got a good opening, denying the Zergs third base for a long time, but was unable to take a third himself. By the time he had his third mining with Void Rays for defense Serral was already attacking into him with wave after wave of Zerg units. A few minutes later Adonminus was broken and Cascade were 1-2 down.

Minato was the star player for Cascade last time against mYinsanity but his ZvZ did not do what needed to be done today and Serral found himself overwhelming his opponent once again after catching Minato out of position and killing a hefty number of Roaches. The closest match of the day perhaps, but not enough for Cascade.

Deathmask was Cascades last hope but nothing was going to stop mYinsanity from taking victory at this point. Serral easily deflected the 2-base timing to crown mYi as Season 1 Champions of the SC2ITL.

A huge congratulations to mYinsanity - we are very excited to hear that they will be returning for Season 2 to try and defend their title. Season 2 starts this Saturday with First Division Qualifiers so make sure not to miss it!