SC2ITL First Division Qualifier Information

Format : 

- Single elimination RO32 Bracket with BO7 All-Kill Matches.

- Teams which make it to the semi-finals qualify for the First Division.

Times : 

Saturday 3pm - 4pm CEST : CHECK-INS

Saturday 4:15pm CEST : RO32 Matches

Saturday 7.30pm CEST : RO16 Matches

Sunday 4pm CEST : RO8 Matches 1 & 2

Sunday 7pm CEST : RO8 Matches 3 & 4

Teams may start the RO16 Match early/later on the Saturday IF both teams agree. If teams have a preferred time to play on Sunday they should let me know after their RO16 Match, but if teams have different preferences the admins decision will decide when matches are played.

Organization :

Team managers only (or a representative from the team) should meet in the in-game channel SC2ITL on EU Battle Net. If you have issues finding this channel please let me know. This channel should be used for finding managers of other teams. SC2Improve Streamers will also be in here to find matches to stream. Please try to keep the chat clear.

Once you find the manager of another team please talk in PM. You should then decide on a chat channel to meet in to play your clan war. Here you can invite your players as well as the streamers for the match for easy invites and communication. Again please try to keep SC2ITL chat channel as clear as possible.

Check-in :

The check-in period will be between 3-4 pm CEST on the Saturday. Team managers should go the tournament page here : where they will see a check-in button. Clicking this button will change your teams 'Role' on the Participants Tab from 'Sign-Up' to 'Player'. This is essential to be in the bracket.

If you have trouble checking in you should contact me ASAP and I will help.

Rules : 

The rules for this qualifier are the same as the standard SC2ITL Rules found here :

To iterate some important points :

- Bad Manner will be punished.

- To Report a Match click on the 'Match ID' Number to the left of Team Names in the bracket.

- When reporting a match score you should leave a comment to the match report page in the format noted in 3.4 - Reporting Results in the full Rules

- Starting maps are decided by vetoes where the team on the left in the bracket vetos first.

- Following maps are losers pick with no winners veto.

- Starting players should be announced between two teams at the same time.

- Players who play MUST be a member of the team on the Excello website.

- There are to be no observers in a game, unless both teams agree. We suggest agreeing to limit to one manager/representative per team, but this is not necessary. Streamers must be let into games providing they follow the streaming rules. 

Streaming :

Streaming will be provided by multiple SC2Improve casters (Wardí, BelleNOiR, Glide, Kolst and Acentruz). If they request to stream your games you must let them. They will follow the 5.2 - Streaming Rules section in the full rules.

Teams who wish to stream their matches may do so, but they must also follow the rules stated in 5.2 - Streaming Rules from the full rules. This includes a 2 minute delay which is essential.


If you have ANY other questions about the Qualifier then feel free to contact me via e-mail at or for a faster response on Skype (I have added all managers to Skype). Issues during the Qualifier should be directed to Warzerg.140 - this is my 'admin' account which means I can receive messages and work through them when possible. Please be patient when awaiting assistance.