ESC ICY BOX to go up against Vega Squadron in SC2ITL Semi-Finals.

Last week we saw Vega Squadron advance through their RO8 match versus against All authority in a tense series. Today we saw ESC ICY BOX sail through MaxFloPlaY, dropping only the first map, to secure their position against Vega Squadron in the semi-finals.

While definitely the favorites going into the series ESC ICY BOX were not supposed to be this favored - souL was the only player able to take a map for MaxFloPlaY and it was against AReS in the first game of the match. ESC showed us that they were not here to mess around, sending out ShoWTimE as their second player who proceeded to all-kill, sending ESC to the semis.

A great run by MaxFloPlaY to make it this far - but they found themselves outmatched today.

Match summary from the third SC2ITL Ro8 match.

Match summary from the third SC2ITL Ro8 match.

Following the game one of the ESC Managers stated : "We really though that we can win against MaxFloPlaY, but we didn't expect an all-kill from ShoWTimE after AReS lost the first game. Going up against Vega Squadron we have mixed feelings i think ^^, we played Vega a few times in the past and the I think we won most clanwars, but everyday is another day in SC2 so we will see what the match brings for us."


Vega Squadron vs ESC ICY BOX is our first set semi-final and should be played in the next week. Our final quarter-final between mYinsanity and Alien Invasion takes place on Tuesday at 1800 CEST.