SC2ITL EU S2 Finals - Vega Squadron vs AT Gaming

The date and time is set - after months of battle it comes down to two teams at 8pm CEST on Tuesday the 12th of August to decide who will be crowned the victors of the SC2Improve Team League Season 2. Many thought it would be mYinsanity or Alien Invasion who would be stood here - some even favored Cascade, last seasons finalists. Instead we have two teams who have looked unstoppable throughout the season - the winners of their respective groups - AT Gaming and Vega Squadron.

It can't be denied that these teams deserve to be here. AT Gaming and Vega Squadron have breezed through the entire season, with only one match loss between them as AT Gaming fell to against All authority in the group stages. They ended the group stage with incredible map scores - 43 - 12 (+31) for AT Gaming and 44 - 15 (+29) for Vega Squadron. Over 11 matches against such tough opponents these are incredible scores for both teams and it showed they had the potential to go far - which is what they have done.

After AT Gaming took down Team Gravity 4-1 in the quarter-finals they came up against Alien Invasion, who were favorites going into the semi-final after defeating mYinsanity in the RO8. This was not the case however as AT Gaming came in strong and when these two teams clashed it was AT Gaming who came out victorious with many proclaiming that this had to have been the match of the entire season. If you missed it make sure to watch our official semi-final replay cast from 4pm on Tuesday, 4 hours before the finals go live. Vega Squadron came into the lower half of the bracket as the favorites, but had a close run vs. against All authority in the quarter-finals as they barely progressed with a 4-3 victory. They ran up against ESC ICY BOX in the semi-finals, which was a bit more of a breeze for them as they advanced 4-1 into the finals.

With these two teams remaining there is nothing more to say other than good luck and have fun as they come together in what should be a spectacular finals. We hope you all have the opportunity to tune in and to see who walks away the champions of the SC2Improve Team League Season 2!!