Meet Your SC2ITL Playoff Teams - mYinsanity

Main : Jjakji, DaNa, Kane, Niroxs, PengWin, Zervas, ABomB, StarDust, Wilko
Academy : Smile, Reynor, Boombox, Jade, JayPower, LionS, MindBlowing, MisterWinter, QueenE, Schceff

It isn’t everyday that you get to write about a world class team playing in your own league. When I first saw mYinsanity signed up to the SC2ITL, I realized that most likely we already had our champions, if they placed their best line-up when it was needed. With recent additions to other teams, it might not be as easy for mYinsanity as it first seemed it would be at the start of this season, but it’s still going to take a lot to stop the wrecking ball which mYinsanity have been so far in the SC2ITL. PunchLine managed to take them out in Week 12, after their playoff spot was already secured. I’m not sure who came out to play for mYinsanity, but I get the feeling it wasn’t their best line-up of Jjakji, StarDust and Kane.

The next closest teams have come to beating them has been Cascade who took them to game 7, with Minato beating down Jjakji before StarDust came and took three wins in a row to close out the series and the comeback. It’s going to be hard to defeat this team who have just recently won the ESL Euro Series against mousesports, where Jjakji defeated Dear in the ace match.

Even if you removed the star players from mYinsanity’s roster they would still have a line-up which could contend to do extremely well in the playoffs - most notably ABomB, the Irish Protoss player who made a splash at IEM Sao Paulo, taking out Bbyong in the groups before falling to MC in the RO8. Not bad for somebody most people had counted out prior to the tournament having begun.

There isn’t much else I can ramble on about that you won’t already know about mYinsanity, but we did manage to take ten minutes of Team Captain Stefan ‘PengWin’ Mott to get a few inside thoughts and views from the team.

Wardi : Coming into the SC2ITL you had the strongest roster of all teams and you have been the favorites from the very start. What makes you decide to play in something like this?

Stefan : It's a fantastic opportunity for us to give our academy players and some of the A team players who don't play in clanwars as often some competitive experience, most of all. We feel that it's very important to give all of our guys competitive experience.

Wardi : With the team-house and mYi Academy you are a team who has a real feel of 'nurturing talent' within you and we have seen a fair amount of academy players in your matches. Do you feel smaller leagues like this are good ways to build up experience for these players?

Stefan : Well, I guess I kind of answered that in the last answer. We've always been a team that focuses less on "big" names and more on talent. Obviosuly we have Jjakji and StarDust to lead the team (although even StarDust wasn't very established when he joined us), but players like ABomB, DaNa, and others have really been able to come into their own during their time with us.

Wardi : Very recently you won the ESL Euro Series which is one of the best team leagues in Europe. The obvious question is how easily do you think you will win Acer TeamStory Cup? ;D

Stefan : We haven't really discussed official "goals" for the upcoming ATC, but I think we'd at the very least want to reach the playoffs, but before we start thinking too hard about that we have to qualify. There are a ton of strong teams in the qualifiers, so we'll have to be at our best to make it in.

Wardi : In the SC2ITL Playoffs which team do you think will give mYinsanity the toughest run for the first place position?

Stefan : Probably LYGF or Alien Invasion. We've got 100% win rates vs both of the teams, but they've really strengthened their rosters lately, so they won't be a walk over. Nuit Blanche is also a team that is often overlooked and underrated, though they're a lot less scary now having lost Lilbow to XMG.

Wardi : Thanks for your time and participation in the league and interview. Best of luck in your remaining games - are there any sponsors or shoutouts you wish to mention?

Stefan : Thanks for organizing the league and the interview! I'd like to shout out our sponsors Bison and Esportclothing, because without them we wouldn't be able to do what we do. Also, keep your eyes peeled for a new sponsor announcement coming soon ;)

Again thanks to mYinsanity and PengWin not just for their time but for their overall participation in the league. They have given us some amazing series and games to watch during their time in the league and hopefully they aren’t done just yet! mYinsanity are already a lot of peoples favorites to win - will they be yours too?

mYinsanity - Group A - Position : 2nd - Wins : 11 - Losses : 2 - Map Wins : 48 - Map Losses : 25 - All-kills : 4