Meet Your SC2ITL Playoff Teams - ReG Gaming

Probson, DMC, Faralimer, InTime, MidelVK, SpellSinger

ReG Gaming, formerly Russian Elite Guardians, is one of the Russian teams taking part in the SC2ITL. Honestly, I do not know much about them (as is the case with a lot of the Russian teams), however they have done surprisingly well to make it into the playoffs. They looked strong throughout the early stages of the league and only lost matches to the very best.

Going into the playoffs they are going to be one of the teams to watch out for - they took AT Gaming to their limits in a 3-4 series and they will do the same to any other team. Sometimes, being unknown and underrated can be your biggest weapon. Also their line-up consists mostly of Protoss players, which could be a fairly large factor in their current success...

Okay but really - they’ve done great to make it so far and the only way we are going to learn more about them is by watching them in the playoffs! We managed to get a hold of their manager for a few very short questions. His English is not the best and so we have edited his answers to be more readable as well as taking some translations from Google Translate.

* The following interview answers were translated / rephrased as best and truly as possible.

Wardi : Have you enjoyed playing in the league?

ReaLPoG : Yes I think it was nice.

Wardi : Your team isn't very well known, do you want to tell us a bit about yourselves?

ReaLPoG : Long ago in the days of StarCraft BroodWar there was a nice friendly team of Super Russia which was not only a good game structure and organisation , but also something more .

All the people there were a united unity , speaking the motto of the clan - IN STRENGTH WE UNITE!

Sooner or later it sadly had all come to an end and the clan Super Russia on SC BW ceased to exist. But the team manager [SR] ReaLPoG remained true to the clan to its very end .Years passed in the scene and the great game continued.

Then StarCraft II came, and ReaLPoG decided not to try again to create a new team for a new discipline , but a team of the same principles and foundations. Remembering the old days he took up the case  and now the team ReG Gaming exists.

Yes it is another time , another game , another team , but the main thing is that we have a motto which remains the same no matter what! IN STRENGTH WE UNITE!

Wardi : Did you expect to make the playoffs and now you are here, what is your goal?

ReaLPoG : We wanted to show good results and we did. In the future, we will try to play as best as possible.

Wardi : Thanks for your time, do you have any shout outs or sponsors you want to mention?

ReaLPoG : Thank you to any fans and supporters.

Thanks to ReaLPoG for his time and best of luck to him and his team in the playoffs. They are probably by far the underdog team - but what will that mean for their performance?